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Abdominal Pain

Abdominal pain can have literally hundreds of different very serious causes.  When you have abdominal pain you should contact your physician first.

However, there are many times that the ReCAPS System™ is exactly what you need.  One example is after you have had all the tests and you are told that everything is normal, well, except that you are Still in Pain.  Another case would be that the problem is scar tissue/adhesions from a previous surgery.  Yet another would be endometriosis.  These are just a few of the times that the ReCAPS System™ is the answer.

When the pain goes on and on it can disrupt every aspect of our daily lives.  Unfortunately as much as our family and friends love us they quickly tire of the fact that we are Still in Pain.  Employers just want you to be there and get the job done, but sometimes just sitting or standing can be difficult, so even being at work can be hard when you are having severe abdominal pain.

When your problem is looked at with ReCAPS System™ there are many aspects of the problem considered that have not been bought together before.

So many patients have been frustrated by hearing it is probably just muscle.  There should never be a just in front of a muscle problem.  It is way too painful for that to be said.  In many cases muscle pain does not resolve on its’ own.  There must be outside intervention.

Rarely will you hear that it may be fascia, but many times that is exactly what it is.  Fascia is a web of connective tissue that runs three dimensionally through our body.  It has the ability to apply 2000 lbs of tensile strength per square inch.  Imagine the pressure this could bring to bear in the abdomen or how much pull this would have in a restriction.  Read more about fascia in the articles section.

Many times it is both of these, pulling down on the ribcage, pulling up on the pelvis, causing you to constantly be pulled forward.  You straighten up consciously, but then are slumping without meaning to as soon as you focus on something else.  Then, many times you get back pain as a bonus: shooting pains from the upper abdomen to between the shoulder blades, and then low back pain, from the lower abdominal muscles.

What factors have come together to cause your abdominal pain?  The best way to find the answer is to have an evaluation by an expert in ReCAPS System™.

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