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RCAPS System(TM)

Root Cause Analysis | Pain Solution System

This system includes not only resolving the primary problem, but also, the secondary components that complicate the condition.
Left unresolved, these issues would ultimately bring the problem back.

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This includes postural distortions, nerve and vascular impingements, fascial restrictions, as well as the ergonomics of sitting,
sleeping and standing.

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Your pain is made of many different factors, and it takes an individualized system to resolve your problem.

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Within this system we have created new manual therapy techniques that normalize structure, promote tissue repair,
restore function, and most importantly they QUICKLY resolve pain.  These techniques are hands-on, not machine based.

After the first session you will know the difference!


For over 20 years, our focus has been on the frustrated, wanting answers, looking for relief, ‘still in pain’ patient.

We find the root cause of the pain and through our pain solution system we resolve the problem.

In the words of a patient:

“You need to tell everyone that you are different. I have been to umpteen therapists, and none have the results that you have…”

Read more in our Perspectives section.


You are unique! Don’t be short changed by cookie-cutter programs…
They may help a little at best, may hurt you at worst, and ultimately leave you believing that you will never get better. Instead RCAPS™ will address and resolve your problem.

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