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Frequently Asked Questions

How will this help me? I have been everywhere.

You will fit right in with our patients.  Most of our patients have been to several places before coming to us, and still not gotten the results they need.  You likely have a complicated problem, and most places use one technique resulting in you being better or not.  We take it personally, we see one patient per session, and we use a system that covers primary and secondary problems.

I’ve been told that nothing can be done. Is this true?

No.  Many of our patients’ pain problems have progressed to the point that they have been told that nothing can be done.  But that simply isn’t true, it is just that the person that told them this does not know what to do.  In cases like this, all the secondary problems must be resolved to get to the primary.  This is something that we do successfully, day in and day out.

I have been told that it is a Nerve Problem, how can you help this?

If you feel pain, a nerve is involved.  The question becomes, what is causing the nerve to be upset?  Once we have defined the root cause, then the pain can be alleviated.  If there is a horse standing on your foot, you will be in a lot of pain.  The foot can be removed, and you wouldn’t feel the horse standing on your foot.  You could be injected, and temporarily not feel your foot.  You could try to strengthen the foot with exercise, and then you could bear the weight better, but the pain would still be there.  We have found that it works very well to simply move the horse.

I’ve had surgery and I’m still in pain, can you help me?

Regardless of whether your surgery was a success or a failure, you can still be in pain, because surgery only affects one small aspect of the problem.  Many times, this does not resolve the problem.

I have re-torn my rotator cuff after surgery, what now?

The first answer you may hear is to have another surgery.  Is this the right answer?  What we ask is “Why did it re-tear?”  So many times the mechanism of injury, the pattern that created the problem in the first place, has not changed at all, so the same thing happened again.  With the ReCAPS System™ we find that root cause, that mechanism of injury, then correct it.  Once this is done, the pain and movement problems are resolved.  Many times, patients choose not to have another surgery since there is no restriction in the shoulder.

Will I really know the difference after the first treatment?

Yes.  You will know the difference, you will begin to understand the root cause of your pain, and you will feel a change in your pain level and/or your ability to move.

What is the ReCAPS System™?

This is a system we have developed over 20+ years.  We started out as mainly hands-on therapy, with great results.  But sometimes a patient would come back and say they had felt much better, but when they were sitting at the computer, standing for hours, sleeping… they could feel the same pain beginning to creep back.  So we dug into the mechanism of injury further, and all of its complicating factors.  From this the ReCAPS System™ was created.  The ReCAPS System™ begins with finding the root cause of your problem, and continues from there.

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