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A Wide Array of Conditions can be
Successfully Treated with ReCAPS System™

Many conditions can be resolved, so whether you have had chronic pain for years, or have a recent acute problem, or even a problem that has just slowly gotten worse over the years and won’t go away… we, at Myofascial Pain Solutions, can help. There is no reason to be Still in Pain.


Get you out of pain
Improve your ability to move with less stress and strain
Teach you easy secrets to improve your posture
Educate you on proper biomechanics (sitting, sleeping, etc.)


Have less pain
Breathe better
Move more freely
Digest better
Sleep better
Live better!

Here are just some of the conditions we treat…

Pain has a thousand changing faces. It can be in one spot, multiple spots, appear to move on, even be everywhere.

Pain can appear different at different times. Pain can be sharp, intense, dull, constant, electric, pulsing, numbing, tingling, grabbing, radiating, restricting, sudden, intermittent, aching or completely debilitating. Pain comes in many forms: stiffness, weakness, imbalance, sleeplessness, restricted movement and much more.

Pain can feel random and uncontrollable. It is not. There is an answer, there is a pattern.

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