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Our Patient Perspectives

Shoulder Pain

I love basketball. My body doesn’t anymore. I had taken a lot of ribbing that maybe the old guy (can’t be me, I’m only 39) should hang it up. I thought that was exactly what I would have to do because of my severe shoulder pain, then a friend told me about Myofascial Pain Solutions.

He told me too often people think that it’s just age when their shoulder starts getting painful to lift and they start protecting it and then it just gets worse.

All I can say is that it’s been over 2 years and the shoulder is going great and so is basketball.

– Robert R.

Sciatica, Low Back Pain

I was told that the only way to stop the sciatica pain and my low back pain was to have surgery. It had been getting worse for years and nothing had been able to stop the pain.

I was referred to Myofascial Pain Solutions by my family physician and I was skeptical. I mean, even sitting still was painful. Well, all I can say is it’s now years later and no surgery, more important no pain. They don’t just get you out of pain, they show you how to stay out of pain –

Paul A.


For years, I had pain everywhere and everyone thought I was a hypochondriac, but I wasn’t I had fibromyalgia. Even the slightly touch was too much in the beginning, but at Myofascial Pain Solutions they worked with me using special techniques. They were able to help me layer by layer.

They really listened to me. I know this is something I will always have, but I can now live my life, not just suffer through it. I know there will be flare-ups. But it is so much easier when you know what to do to get through them with as little pain and disturbance to your life as possible.

Mary A.

Pain, Balance

Prior to moving to Jacksonville, I had many years of therapy for pain management. As a new resident, I hadn’t yet found the best help. A neighbor highly recommended Myofascial Pain Solutions.

I now have, as dividends of their expertise, much less pain, almost no need for pain medication and improved balance – so important at any time in one’s life.

They have taught me techniques to stop much of my pain before it begins.. These are truly Myofascial Pain Solutions… for an improved quality of life. I do not need pain management now.

Thank you all!….Marion W.

Neck Pain, Back Pain

I have suffered from severe neck and back pain for 25 years.

I went to Pain Management Doctors, Chiropractors, Physical Therapist, Prolotherapy (Regenerative Injection Therapy), Massage Therapy, Hypnosis, all kinds of Injections, TENS units, experimented with Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Energy Medicine, gi-gong, Meditation, Visual Imaging.

I’ve had three failed surgeries and two morphine pumps. Still, I was popping every kind of pill you can think of all day. You can’t say I am a quitter— I was willing to try ANYTHNG that would give me lasting relief regardless of the time, effort, discomfort or cost.

That’s what you do when you have pain that’s so bad you consider suicide. Then someone recommended Myofascial Pain Solutions. I thought, I have tried everything else so what’s one more. I didn’t have much confidence that it would make any difference.

O.K. I was wrong! They actually work on your pain with techniques that make a difference. It works!! I am getting relief that lasts for longer and longer periods of time. And the best part is they know what they are doing and it really works! I am so grateful to them, and the person who recommended them! Now I’m telling everyone I know who has pain to call. All you’ve got to lose is your pain!


TMJD, Migraines

I have had frequent headaches for as long as I can remember. I have been told they were attributed to several different factors…. First it was thought to be squinting from bad vision, so I got glasses and contacts but no relief. Then it was thought to be wisdom teeth growing in improperly, so I got all 4 wisdom teeth removed but no change. Next, I was diagnosed with migraines, but the migraine medications made my headaches worse. Then another doctor thought it was sinus congestion. She sent me to get x-rays, which were clean, so she referred me to an Ear, Nose, and Throat Specialist. That Specialist conformed that my sinuses were clean, but in the exam discovered that my back teeth were severely worn away. He suspected that I grinded my teeth at night and referred me to a dentist. The dentist made me a custom mouth guard to wear at night to protect my teeth from the grinding, but it did not eliminate my pain.

At this point, my headaches had been exponentially increasing in frequency and severity. I was searching for answers and all I had was that my headaches were most likely caused by grinding my teeth and TMJ disorder. But I didn’t understand why so I started visiting several Oral Surgeons. One of them said that I had an open bite that was probably contributing to my teeth grinding, which could have been caused by a jaw trauma I had when I was a child or the 2 car accidents I had been in. Nevertheless, the treatment was orthognathic surgery, where they break the jaw and use titanium screws and plates to fasten it back in the “correct” place.

I was in pain and I was desperate for relief, so I had the surgery thinking that once I went through this horrible and painful experience, I would be headache free. I was very wrong. After the surgery, the pain was much worse. It went from a few times a week before the surgery, to constant pain every single day. I started searching for answers online for how to stop grinding my teeth, and I came across Biofeedback Therapists. I visited one and she helped me manage stress and stay calm with breathing techniques. At the time, these techniques did not help my pain, but now when I am headache free, these techniques help me stay calm and not clench my teeth when I am stressed.

Then one day I had to see a primary care physician for something unrelated and I mentioned my headaches to her. She referred me to Myofascial Pain Solutions and she told me that they were known for treating this type of pain. After all that I had been through, I was extremely skeptical but I made an appointment for an evaluation. They explained and showed me what they do and gave me some hope that one day I might actually get relief from my pain. They also explained that by the end of my treatment, They would show me how to work on myself so I could relieve the headaches myself, which was very important to me. I started out going 3 times a week and now, 3 months later, am down to every 2 weeks. I have had sessions with different therapists and they were all equally effective in relieving my pain. They have also given me lots of help and information on stretching, good posture, ergonomics, diet, and myofascial pain/release. This knowledge has been absolutely essential to reliving my pain, as I have incorporated these things into my daily life. At first, I started getting relief a couple of days a week. It has been a gradual process, but I am now headache free most of the time. And if I feel a headache coming on, I know what to do to prevent it. I cannot explain how grateful I am to them for giving me my life back.


Balance, Neck Pain, Adhesions

Recently I was in my doctor’s office and rather astutely he mentioned that my posture was not good. He noticed that I walked “bent over”. So he made an appointment for me with Myofascial Pain Solutions, to see if they could correct that.

I had walked stooped over for at least the last 20 years, as if I were searching for “pennies”. I did not think there was any possibility that I would ever be able to overcome this malady. BUT………… pictures tell the story, miracles still happen and if you have been suffering from who knows what, whatever your issue, pick up the phone and call Myofascial Pain Solutions and make an appointment.

I can tell you that I have a new look on life. I am 78 and they took me in tow and made me look at new horizons. I am standing and walking in an upright position and no more “knuckle dragging”!!

Oh yes, I had open heart surgery 3 years ago and had constant pain over my scar on my chest, which I found out was caused by “fascia adhesions”, they took care of that, too. This is a Hands On Group that Works with You the Entire Time,
NOT A DO THIS – DO THAT type of operation.

Brian K

Lymphedema, Arm Pain

After my breast cancer surgery I was doing great. Back to work and ready to put everything behind me. Until my hand started to swell and then my arm and I was diagnosed with Lymphedema. I was deeply stressed by this.

I was fortunate to find Myofascial Pain Solutions. They were trained at the Vodder School in Austria and knew exactly what to do for my hand and arm. They got the Lymphedema under control and taught me how to take care of my arm and hand so it would stay that way.

Lymphedema is not curable but when it is caught early like mine was, the chances for a good outcome are so much higher. I wanted to let everyone know how much they helped me. e observant of your hand and arm and learn how to take care of yourself. It’s very important. If you notice, any changes, see your physician right away and then get the right therapy like I did at Myofascial Pain Solutions. –

Alice Q.

Tinnitus, Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain

I have been a tinnitus sufferer for 32 years. The tinnitus began as a result of exposure to loud noises, although there are other causes. The constant ringing in the ears can be very debilitating. Through the years I have tried many treatments and remedies with little or no results. I made lifestyle adjustments and learned to “live with it” as there were no other alternatives. My ears also became very sensitive to loud noises which can cause the ringing to become worse for a period of days and sometimes weeks.

When the tinnitus worsens for me it causes much stress, anxiety and sometimes depression. Fortunately most times the ears would settle back down to their “normal” ringing state after a bad episode.

Recently my tinnitus was worse due to exposure to loud music at a wedding reception and I paid the price. After 2 or 3 weeks of misery I thought of Myofascial Pain Solutions, wondering if they had ever treated tinnitus.

They previously had successfully treated me for neck and shoulder pain in the past. I called and to my surprise they said they were sure they could help. They told me they couldn’t rid me of the tinnitus, but should be able to lower the intensity.

Just a few sessions, They were able to lower the tinnitus back down to my “low” level. I was elated to find help for a condition of which there is little successful treatment available anywhere else in the medical field. I strongly recommend Myofascial Pain Solutions for tinnitus sufferers to see if it will help you too.

Ron R.

Pain, Numbness and Tingling

I don’t know what caused my pain. It came on slowly and just kept getting worse. The pain started with my neck and soon went down both my arms to my hands, then the numbness and tingling started.

Myofascial Pain Solutions not only reduced the pain with, but they also took the time to show me how I was sitting and working that perpetuated my problem and how to correct them. They are the best.

Nothing, and I mean nothing had been able to help me with my severe migraines, that is until I came to Myofascial Pain Solutions. The day my doctor
referred me to Myofascial Pain Solutions for therapy was one of the best days of my life. There is help!! –

Sherri H.

Restless Leg Syndrome, Neuropathy, Sjogrens Syndrone

I have several autoimmune disorders including Sjogrens Syndrome, Restless Leg and neuropathy. For over 10 years I have suffered from intense pain throughout my body and was unable to even sit and enjoy a movie with family and friends. When I found Myofascial Pain Solutions it was an answer to my prayer. They were able to use their incredible techniques to make life changing enhancements to my health. They have been able to relieve the tension in my muscles and joints through these procedures and now my pain is tolerable. They also believe in helping your mind and spirit with positive reinforcement. The atmosphere promotes well being and self improvement throughout the therapy sessions.

Another area they have helped me with is my monthly infusion. Each month I receive a 6 hour infusion for my primary immune deficiency. Prior to visiting Myofascial Pain Solutions, I had severe side effects including nausea, severe back pain and numerous other symptoms. Now each month I have a treatment prior to and the day after wherein They use the MLD technique. This helps to speed up the lymph system and thus reduces my side effects.

Once again, this has been a life altering for me and enables me to continue my day to day activities where before I was sometimes bedridden.

I encourage anyone who suffers from autoimmune disorders to enlist PTS practices to enhance your health. They truly make life changing effect happen.

Sally V.

Hemophilia, Swelling

I have Hemophilia. Hemophilia is a bleeding disorder and several years ago I bumped my knee and it became swollen and hard from the blood accumulation. I couldn’t bend my knee to sit or drive.

There are not a lot of people that can do therapy work when hemophilia is involved. I was really lucky because my family physician knew about Myofascial Pain Solutions and the extensive training and expertise they have.

So I was referred for a special technique called Comprehensive Decongestive Physiotherapy. They were knowledgeable, professional and completely resolved my knee problem, which was very important to me. I recommend them highly.

James R.

Back Pain

I had lower back pain which cause a sharp pain throughout my left leg when walking or standing. I was referred by a family member to Myofascial Pain Solutions.

They were awesome! They worked on my back, legs, and neck which eliminated the pain in my lower back. They also show me how to reduce the strain on my back by sitting properly and stretching my legs and back muscles. I would refer anyone who has back or any pain to go see them.
I was able to start playing golf again.

Thank you, Chris (Westside)

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