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Most people’s first thought with anxiety is that this is a problem that is mental and can only be treated through processes that can affect the mind and mental state, such as medication, talk therapy or behavior modification.  But if this were one’s final thought on the matter, they would be short-changing the best results that could be received.

After you have received your first line of care through a mental healthcare provider, it is time for the rest of your care.  Why do you need and want a second level of care?  The answer lies in the fact that the mind cannot be separated from the body.  Every physical action provokes mental response and every mental action provokes a physical reaction.

The following shows examples of mental action to physical reaction and physical action to mental reaction.

You receive a telephone call giving you tragic news and your heart rate increases, you have difficulty breathing, you can feel every muscle in your body tighten, you may even start to sweat.  These are physical reactions to the action of words that went into your brain, a clear mental to physical reaction.

Now you arrive home at the end of the day and get out of your car and close the door.   You feel the pain immediately as you realize that you have closed the door on your finger and the door is locked and you have dropped the keys.  You call out but no one hears you.  Panic sets in making it difficult to concentrate.  This is a clear mental reaction to physical action.  Sound like a farfetched example?  Well, it actually happened to me, and after I calmed down I was able to retrieve the keys and free myself.  No broken bones, just a severely bruised finger, with a good dose of future caution when closing the car door.

When anxiety is more than momentary it starts to build the physical reaction.  Then even with medication the physical problems such as tension, headaches, muscle pain and inability to sleep not only stay a problem but continue to get worse.  This is because they are now physically based and must be addressed physically.

The ReCAPS System™ has been used successfully for years to resolve the physical problems associated with anxiety, while greatly reducing anxiety itself.  When the problem of anxiety is treated from both the mental and physical aspect, you get the results that you want and need and the results are long lasting.

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