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There are many kinds of burns: heat burns, cold burns, electric burns, chemical burns, friction burns, burns from laser treatments and radiation burns.  Burns injure the skin layers and can injure below the skin affecting the muscles, nerves, blood vessels and more.

Burns are rated by degrees.  The degrees are first, second, third and fourth degree burns.  The deeper the burn and the larger the burn area, the more serious the burn becomes.

Third and fourth degree burns always require medical attention.

With the ReCAPS System™, we can decrease the pain and rapidly increase the healing even in fourth degree burns.  Using Manual Lymphatic Drainage the fluid and swelling from the burn is removed quickly and the healing starts immediately.  But of even more importance the pain is decreased.

With the ReCAPS System™ techniques, the blood flow which carries oxygen and nutrients to the burn area is increased without increasing blood pressure.  Inflammation is reduced in the burn area which helps fight infection.  Swelling and excess fluid is removed allowing for the oxygen and nutrients to reach the area quickly and the healing time is rapidly increased.  Also the health and appearance of the skin will improve substantially.

These techniques can be used with great success on all types of burns.

We have treated many cases of radiation burns from radiation treatment for cancer.  The ReCAPS System™ has outstanding results; it should and can be incorporated early on during the radiation treatment process.

Our therapists have over twenty years of experience with this treatment and have trained at Memorial Sloane-Kettering Hospital in New York to work during active cancer treatments.

In one case where a patient had cancer of the tonsils we treated her after surgery and during radiation.  With the ReCAPS System™ we were able to greatly increase the range of motion in her neck, decrease her pain and reduce the effect of radiation on her skin.

Of even greater importance was after the treatments were over, she was only able to drink fluids because of her difficulty swallowing.  The ReCAPS System™ techniques allowed us to take the pressure /constriction off of her throat.  She was then able to swallow with ease; she could eat a small amount of salad and was able to swallow a pill.  All of this occurred even though the prevailing thought was that the problem was scar tissue inside her throat and could not be resolved.

If you have any questions about this work just email us or give us a call.  We’ll be glad to answer any of your questions.

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