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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is thought to be caused by pressure on the medial nerve.  The medial nerve supplies movement and feeling to the hand.  With carpal tunnel syndrome there can be numbness, tingling, weakness and muscle damage in the hands and fingers.

Many times the problem with numbness, tingling, etc., in the hand is looked at with a focus that is too narrow.  The pain is there, so the problem must be there. It hurts when you are typing, so typing must have caused the problem.  It hurts when you sew, so sewing must be the problem.

It hurts when you move your wrist.  Here is a brace, don’t move your wrist.

Many times the problem is in the neck and shoulder and the symptom is the pain in the hand or wrist. With the ReCAPS System™ we look at the whole problem, not at the symptom.  The symptoms are used to give us clues as to where the problem is.

Many times, carpal tunnel syndrome can be resolved without surgery and without braces.

It would be easy if a pill could be given to solve all the physical symptoms that occur during our life, but that just isn’t possible because the symptoms would just keep reoccurring.  The truth is that the problem(s) that caused the symptom must be found and corrected for the symptom to be resolved, or the symptoms just simply keep reoccurring.

The ReCAPS System™ can resolve carpal tunnel syndrome because it resolves the root problem.  Our system also shows you a few simple changes that you can make so that you do not injure yourself again.

If you are suffering with this problem, and are ‘still in pain’, know that you do not have to put up with it one more day.  The ReCAPS System™ can resolve it for you.

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