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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

For most of us, if we have one night bad sleep or are very tired one day, it is terrible.  We complain at work, and everyone says, “That’s terrible.  Go to bed early tonight,” then we feel better.  When that one night or one day stretches on for weeks and months, then we get concerned, go to the doctor, and finally, you may get a diagnosis.  By this point people at work are not as sympathetic, and you feel even worse by this time.

When there is a name given to a problem that is not a disease, it is usually because there are a large number of people that have demonstrated the symptoms but there is no diagnostic test to decisively detect the problem.

With a disease there is a specific problem that causes a deterioration of something.  An example would be coronary artery disease; in this case there is deterioration of the arteries in the heart.  Usually, much less research is done on a problem classified as a syndrome as opposed to a classification of disease.

When there is a syndrome it is very complicated for many reasons. The diagnosis comes about through a rule out process.  The symptom list is very long and not all of the people labeled with the syndrome have all the symptoms or they have conflicting symptoms, such as I cannot sleep versus I cannot stay awake, or both; I cannot sleep at night, but cannot stay awake or focus during the day because I am so tired.

Then there is the question of medication, which is difficult with the varied symptoms of this syndrome.  Sometimes, certain vitamins help, and for others they do not help at all.

All of this leaves the person with chronic fatigue deeply frustrated as well as chronically tired, and with some or all of the following problems:  forgetfulness, irritability, confusion, headaches, muscle aches, body pain, sore throat, sore lymph nodes, joint pain, the list goes on.

A cure is always the desired goal.  But realistically, controlling the symptoms is the main goal for the people that suffer from chronic fatigue at this point in time.

The ReCAPS System™ has helped many people with chronic fatigue syndrome.  The techniques used with ReCAPS System™ reduces pain, decreases systemic inflammation, improves sleep, reduces headaches, decreases joint pain and improves clarity of thought by increasing the blood flow without increasing blood pressure and, of most importance, increases the amount of oxygen in the body.

Since every case of chronic fatigue is unique to the individual having this problem we cannot cover all the possibilities, so if you are having this problem just contact us and we will discuss your problem with you.

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