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Cording – Axillary Web Syndrome

Axillary web syndrome or cording is a common complication that can occur when there has been trauma to the lymph nodes in the axillary region (the armpit), most likely after surgery to remove lymph nodes.  Though commonly thought to be lymph vessels, it is usually consistent with a mixture of lymph vessels and fascia.  They look just like long, tightly pulled cords under the skin, hence the name cording.

Cording can be very painful.  This can restrict movement of the arm and shoulder as well as the elbow, wrist and hand.  Cording can run from the axilla (armpit) down the arm and into the hand and thumb.

When the arm is lifted you will see ropey protrusions pop up; they can feel like piano wires.  It can also cause the arm to be held away from the body in an abnormal position which can lead to other problems if not resolved.

There are some who think that this will resolve on its own but that seldom happens.  Cording can stay for years if there is no therapy for the problem.  It is a major concern because it has been thought of as a precursor for lymphedema.

The approved therapy for cording is manual lymphatic drainage and myofascial release.  These are some of the components in the ReCAPS System™.

With our system this problem can be resolved.

Since every problem is unique to the individual having the problem we cannot cover all the possibilities, so if you are having this problem contact us and we will discuss your problem with you.

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