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Degenerative Disc Disease (DDD)

Just the sound of this is cause for serious contemplation.  Usually there is pause as your mind races to ‘what did I do’ to have this happen to me or how did I catch this disease and what can be done for it, as well as flashing visions of a wheelchair or wondering how you will take care of yourself.

Then you hear spondylosis, spondy… what?  You definitely do not like the sound of that.  Other names that may join in are cervical disc disease, thoracic disc disease or lumbago.  You are not feeling any better.

Then the next thing you should be told is that this is very common.  What? Everyone has this problem?  We’ll all be disabled? No, it’s common because we will all get it, though it’s not something that you can catch.  It is normal wear and tear on the discs of our spine.  It’s arthritis of your disc.  Whether we get it sooner or later depends of your genetics, activities, injury and age.  And yes, spondylosis is arthritis of the discs in the neck.

In fact, it is so common that if a person age 50 had an MRI and it read abnormal MRI due to DDD, it would almost be a misnomer.  In fact, it probably should only read abnormal if there was ‘no’ Degenerative Disc Disease.  Most of the time, you go through life with this and don’t even know you have it because you haven’t had an x-ray or MRI and it has caused you no pain.

How does all this start and what can you do to keep it from getting worse?

The normal wear and tear becomes an irritation and as it continues, it will become inflammatory in nature.  You now have pain and deterioration.   Pain is your warning system.  Do not tough it out and ignore the pain.  If you do, it will get worse and you will start limiting not only what you do but, of most importance, how you do it.  This incorrect movement and compensating will cause an increase of fascia distortion and the problem will continue to get worse.

The normal protocol that your physician uses will normally calm things down.

When it doesn’t the next step should be the ReCAPS System™.

With ReCAPS™ we actually relieve the pressure on the discs and decrease the inflammation which is so destructive, as well as eliminate your pain.  This process slows future degeneration.

It is important to know that there is normal wear and tear and then there is accelerated wear and tear.  The normal is what it is.  But in too many cases accelerated wear and tear is becoming the usual.  That is because of the perpetuating factors in our everyday life that are making it worse.  These components are all corrected with the ReCAPS System™.

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