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Facial Pain

Facial pain can be different from all other pain because it affects our seeing, hearing, speaking, thinking and much more.  Pain is three dimensional, so it can shoot from side to side, up to down, down to up, and through and through.

Questions abound.  Is it my eyes, my nose, my sinuses, my ears, my bones, my jaw, my brain?  The face is definitely complicated.  Should I see my family doctor, a dentist, an ophthalmologist, an optometrist, an otolaryngologist, or maybe a neurologist?

It is always best to start with your family physician.   But if after the referrals and all the tests and medication you are Still In Pain, there is still hope for a resolution to your problem. The majority of facial pain problems are not medically serious and devastating, such as a brain tumor.

Don’t get me wrong, facial pain can be debilitating. But the problem is most likely soft tissue, meaning involving the muscles, fascia, ligament and tendons of the face.  These interface with the nerves, arteries and veins in the face.

Herein also lies the problem.  When the fascia seizes up and adheres to itself, it impinges the nerves and vascular system.  It also forms adhesions and causes severe pain.  The muscles are pulled; there is intense pressure on the tendons, ligaments and joints.  There is also pressure on the eyes, ears, sinuses, temporomandibular joint and more.  This causes inflammation which increases swelling.  To say the least, there is a lot of pain and many times it is constant and severe.

The ReCAPS System™ can and has completely relieved this type of pain.

A case we treated recently regarded a patient that had severe facial pain on the left side of her face which included the forehead, sinuses, eye, cheek, teeth and jaw.  She was on her third round of antibiotics, had had her eyes checked and all of her teeth x-rays.  Her eyes and teeth were fine.

When she came to us she could not touch the left side of her face because of the severe pain.  By using the ReCAPS System™, we were able to eliminate her pain and swelling completely.  Our ReCAPS System™ resolved her problem.

If you have a problem like this we can resolve it for you, as well.

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