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Hearing this word used to describe what has been causing your pain for months or even years is both a relief and a dread.  It brings a list of even more questions.  Why do I have it?   What can be done about it?  Is it forever?  Can you stop the pain now that you know what it is?

The frustration at this point is that there is so little that is known as to the cause and what can be done.


The word fibromyalgia is formed from the Latin terms, fibro for fibrous tissue, myo for muscles and algia for pain.  And from how you have been feeling, it’s no surprise to you that it would mean fibrous muscle pain.

Fibromyalgia is a difficult problem because it is a collection of symptoms and there is not a diagnostic test to decisively detect fibromyalgia.  What makes it worse is that to others, family and friends, you ‘look’ fine.  When in reality you feel terrible, have a limited amount of energy, and your body does not recover from normal setbacks as it should.

Each person that suffers from Fibromyalgia has their own personal set of symptoms and degrees to which the symptoms affect them.   The ReCAPS System™ addresses fibromyalgia by eliminating/reducing the group of symptoms that affects you specifically.

Don’t be shortchanged by cookie-cutter programs that may help a little at best, may hurt you more at worse, and ultimately leave you believing that you will never get better.  Instead, ReCAPS™ will address and resolve your problems.

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