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Knee Pain

Some knee injuries occur and they are devastating.  Off you go to immediate surgery.  You go through exercised based physical therapy and usually you are happy with the results, except in some cases, when the pain continues, and continues. You are discharged and the pain continues.  This is just one of the problems that lead patients to us and the ReCAPS System™.

In most cases knee pain comes with no real name, no torn meniscus or ACL, no fractured patella.  So, the pain is then put into a common category such as bursitis (inflammation of the bursae – fluid-filled sacs in the knee) or osteoarthritis.  End of story but not the end of the pain.

The knee of course does not stand alone, the upper and lower leg are as much a part of the knee and what happens to it as the ligaments that bind it or the patella that effaces it. The hip, ankle and foot complete the unit.  These all affect your gait and the incorrect gait will affect all you joints.

It is this unit working correctly together that makes the knee move smoothly and painlessly.  If just one area is treated the problem with reoccur and probably even be worse than before, because the cause was not resolved – just the immediate symptom.

The vast majority of pain and function problems are insidious in nature (slow onset that you are not even aware of).  Most of time the injury is waiting to happen and just the weight of a straw triggered the occurrence.

If the pain does not go away there are perpetuating factors that are keeping the problem going and until these problems are resolved, the pain will not be resolved.

With the ReCAPS System™ you are treated as a whole person not just a knee joint and all the factors of the knee pain are addressed.  Many times we hear, “How did you make such a difference, it feels as if my knee has been greased, it moves so smooth.”  You will have the same changes.

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