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Myofascial pain

‘My’ means the muscles, ‘o’ is just a connector, and fascial is the powerful web of connective tissue that runs three dimensionally throughout the body from head to toe, uninterrupted.  These components allow for your movement and provide protection for most of your body.

So it is not surprising that you can have myofascial pain in one place or all over and all through your body.

All of your nerves and arteries and blood vessels pass through the fascia, and all of your organs, cells, muscles, brain and spine and more are wrapped in fascia and your skin is even attached with fascia.  So when there is any trauma, disease, inflammation or stress, the fascia is affected and forms adhesions, then you can have pain here, there and just about everywhere.

Myofascial pain can be very frustrating because your body’s notification system, which tells you what is hurting and where it’s hurting, does not tell you the whole truth.  It limits what you feel; even though I am sure that you think with the level of pain you have had that it could not be limiting anything.

With this pain it also makes you feel as if the pain moves around because sometimes it is here and sometimes it is there.

The best way to describe the pain notification system is to think about the ocean with volcano/mountains underneath the water level.  Looking out over the water you may not see any problems.  However, there are a whole range of mountains blowing up under the water.  The worst problem breaks the pain threshold first, followed by others.  Since this is just an illustration, imagine if some mountains were above the surface one day, and sometimes others were above the surface.  One day you are feeling the pain in the shoulder, the next morning in the neck, then the next day both…

It can be frustrating but the pain does not move, it just changes in intensity.

There is one thing constant about myofascial pain and that is it must all be addressed to give you the relief that you are looking for and the ReCAPS System™ does just that.

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