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Neck Pain

Neck pain or cervicalgia (which means neck pain) can be anything from a mild annoyance to completely debilitating with a wide range of misery in between.

We go about our daily lives and don’t even think about our neck until it starts to hurt, then we do.  And now it’s a whole new ball game.

Neck Pain

When our neck starts to bother us with even a slight stiffness, we become aware of how often we move our neck, which is constantly.  We also find out that when we try to control our neck movements, such as trying to hold it still, which is almost impossible to do, or turning our whole body instead of our neck, the problem seems to get worse.  The body expects the neck to move and doesn’t like it when the natural movements are interrupted, so we start to get pain in other places:  mid-back, shoulder, and so on.

With most neck problems a standard protocol of muscle relaxants, an anti-inflammatory or some mild pain medication will resolve the problem.  Hooray! Except when it doesn’t.

Without resolution at this point it usually means your pain is the same or most likely it has gotten worse.  Now come the x-rays, MRI’s, etc.  Maybe something definitive is found, maybe not.  Then it’s time for a round of specialists and maybe something is found and you are off for major surgery.

The vast majority of the time the final analysis is not definitive and the choices are elective surgery (meaning you have the choice because nothing critical is going on but maybe this will help) or down the road to a life of pain management or just live with it.

Well, these are not the choices you must accept because the RCAPS System™ can resolve your problem.  One of the weaknesses with looking for something very specific as the cause is that most of the time there are many different small problems coming together to make that big one.  The ReCAPS System™ was designed specifically for these types of problems.

Do not be discourage if you have had surgery and are Still In Pain.  The ReCAPS System™ can still make the difference for you.  If you have been in pain management and the pain medication or injections have not helped as much as you had hoped they would, ReCAPS™ can make the difference for you too.

We will work with your pain management physician, neurosurgeon or your primary care physician to get the results that you are looking for and that you deserve.

There is so much more we could share with you about all the different neck conditions or problems and still never touch on what you specifically need to know.  We could fill books and in fact hundreds have been written.  But you are unique and your condition is specific to you and that is how the ReCAPS System™ addresses and resolves your problem.

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