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It can be called OA, degenerative joint disease, the wear and tear arthritis, inflammatory arthritis, or cervical spondylosis, and more, but they are all generally the same thing.  This arthritis destroys the smooth outer covering (articular cartilage) of the bone.  This leaves the bone exposed to the damage of bone on bone irritation and inflammation, bone spurs and more.

These examples are localized even it you may have it in many places, as opposed to Rheumatoid Arthritis which is systemic in nature, affects the joint lining, tissue and even organs.

Arthritis refers to any painful inflammation of the joints.

Age plays a part in this condition as would seem obvious with a name like the wear and tear arthritis.  And after fifty years of age arthritis becomes very common.  But injury or trauma can cause arthritis at much younger ages.  Injuries like a rotator cuff tear, a fracture, a fall, or even a dislocation of the shoulder and especially contact sports like football can all open the door for arthritis.

With arthritis you have pain in the joint during movement and after, joints are swollen and creaky, there may have a grating feeling, loss of strength in the fingers, or loss of range of motion in any joint.

There is no cure for osteoarthritis and it is degenerative in nature.  But among all this gloomy news there is good news and that is the ReCAPS System™.

The ReCAPS System™ can make a huge difference in your current condition.  As the joints move more freely, with less irritation, your condition will improve.  ReCAPS™ reduces inflammation, reduces swelling, and increase flexibility and movement.

You may not be able to do anything about the fact that you have arthritis, but the ReCAPS System™ can do a lot about what arthritis does to you.

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