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Peripheral Neuropathy

Peripheral Neuropathy is a long and complicated subject.  This is damage to the nerves that carry the signal from the hands and feet (the peripheral nervous system) to the spine and brain (the central nervous system). Did you just step on something?  Is that too hot?  These are things that we normally know clearly and immediately.

In advanced cases a person may not know if they cut their foot or burned their hand, but we will not discuss the advanced conditions in this article.   In the beginning stages or in a mild case a person may feel numbness, tingling, pricking sensation or muscle weakness.

It is important to note that these are the same symptoms of nerve impingement as opposed to actual long term nerve damage.  A nerve can be impinged by bone, muscle, fascia or swelling.  Release of the impingement will alleviate the symptoms.  An example of this would be carpal tunnel syndrome, which can be resolved non- surgically with the ReCAPS System™.

Even if the cause is nerve damage the symptoms can be lessened if not resolved.

A nerve just likes to do its’ job and does not like to be bothered even a little.  Take the ulnar nerve.  We all know whoever came up with; ‘did you hit your funny bone’ missed on all counts because it’s not funny and it’s not a bone it’s a nerve.  But this tells us a lot about nerves though.

The job of the ulnar nerve is to get your attention and get it fast.  It is there to keep you from fracturing your elbow and it does a great job.  It has no protection other than skin as it lies across our elbow.  If it is touched even to the slightest degree incorrectly, it has you jerking away from the stimuli in no time flat.

The peripheral nerves are long and fragile, if there are impingements, damage or even pressure from the way we sit or sleep these nerves will send the message to get us to stop.

If we ignore these messages, or do not get the burden off the nerve, then the problem continues, and eventually gets worse.  With the ReCAPS System™ you can get relief from these symptoms.

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