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Rotator Cuff Injury

This involves an injury to one of your four rotator cuff muscles or tendons.  These are the supraspinatus, infraspinatus, teres minor and subscapularis and their tendons (which attach each muscle to the bone).  In this case we are concerned with the attachments on the head of the upper arm and shoulder, or technically the humerus and the scapula.

Their job is to keep your arm in your shoulder socket.  When you have a rotator cuff injury it is usually an irritation or tear to these muscles and tendons.

An injury like this can come from:  a fall, lack of blood supply (age or vascular impingement), posture (work and home ergonomics), sports related repetitive stress, or nerve impingement.

Most rotator cuff injuries are caused by what has been considered normal wear and tear that goes with aging.  The age they use is 40.  That seems about normal to me if you played high school and college baseball, but does not seem right to me if you didn’t.  Normal wear and tear should be many decades later.

This normal wear and tear should be a concern because it can just mean that you were feeling a little pain in your shoulder or a little tightness and just chalked it up to age and let it go, too much to do and too little time.

It you did not let it go you might not ever have a real rotator cuff injury even into your eighties or nineties.

I can hardly believe this but: the vast majority of rotator cuff injuries are to women.

Why should that be?  It could very well be just a matter of ergonomics in your daily activities.  The rotator cuff is under strain through normal daily activity, and with a busy lifestyle, you just keep going.  This should not be the case, ever.

The ReCAPS System™ addresses the root cause and the perpetuating factors.  Your pain can be relieved and you will be shown how to keep from having the problem again, even if you have already had surgery and are Still In Pain.

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