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If you are looking this up, you most likely already have a close relationship with Sciatica.   Most people want the answer to how to get out of that relationship and fast.

A few are lucky and only have a hint of sciatica’s relentless hold with its’ severe pain in the butt and down the leg symptoms’.  Pain that affects sitting, standing, walking, bending or even laying down, just about everything you do. But if you are not lucky, you feel your “sciatic pain” constantly.    Sciatica is considered a symptom and not the problem but it’s the name to the problem that most people know.

Sciatica is thought to be caused mostly by Degenerative Disc Disease (DDD), Herniated Disc (Slipped Disc), or Piriformis Syndrome.  These sound pretty serious and they can be but the ReCAPS System™ can treat all of these problems and eliminate the pain.

If you have time, read the information we have on these conditions as they can be intertwined.

If the symptoms of sciatica are not relieved by anti-inflammatory medication, muscle relaxants or pain medication that is usually the first line of protocol, then you may be sent to exercised based physical therapy which most of the time does not help.

At this point you have been in pain quite a while.  Pain management or surgery may even be discussed.  But is pain management what you are looking for or is it pain relief?  Do you really want to be on medication that is just masking your awareness of the problem, allowing you to continue what you are doing and possibly causing increased damage to your body or condition?  Do you want to deal with the medications side effects on a daily basis?  Do you really want surgery if there is a non invasive method that will resolve your problem?

If you want pain relief that is non-invasive and that improves your long term health, then the ReCAPS System™ is your next step.

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