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There are times when swelling or edema may appear.  It could be due to circulation problems, peripheral neuropathy, lymphedema, surgery, radiation or idiopathic.  This is serious and you should always see your physician as your first course of action.

It is important to know why it swelling/edema is serious.  The fluid that makes up the swelling/edema is lymphatic fluid.  This is not water and should not be thought of as such.  Lymphatic fluid carries a lymphatic load.  This load is protein, dead cells, bacteria and toxins.  This protein is like a fertilizer to bacteria, so when stagnate you have a high chance of infection or cellulitis.

Swelling is a detriment to healing.  It keeps the cells and tissue from getting the amount of oxygen and nutrients that they need to survive.

The ReCAPS System™ has, as a component, the special technique called manual lymphatic drainage.  This technique increases the productivity of the lymphatic system so that the excess fluid is removed, and the risk of infection is reduced.

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