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Most healthcare offices (physicians, chiropractors, acupuncturists, massage therapy) hire the best candidates, and rely on prior education to create good care and good results for their patients or clients.

We don’t do that.

We can’t do that.

Because there is no school that teaches what we do.

Our already well educated therapists study for 4-6 months before they see their first patient, regardless of their background.

We truly have continuity of care. Within the Direction Specific, Positional Myofascial Realignment, we each map the dysfunction, explain, educate and work with the 80+ specialized maneuvers. Our goal is to provide superior care, across the board. There is not a single standout, sought after therapist at our office.

We all standout.

Stacy Steffes
Kari Allen
Arwen McGinnis-Bunirigo
April Abernathy

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