Back pain can make it difficult to move, breathe, sleep, drive, think, or even function.  It can definitely affect the quality of your life.

Have you ever started to get up, had pain shoot through your back and down your legs and felt like you were stuck where you were?  Not feeling like it was safe to try and sit back down or to try and straighten up?

Back Pain

This is something that happens at some time to almost everyone.  Usually you get lucky and it will just ease off right away and you can go along as if nothing happened.

But sometimes, it will be the start of weeks of feeling really bad, missing work, taking medication and having tests done.  Frustration sets in because the tests are just fine but you are not or the tests are saying things like bulging disc or herniated disc, things you do not want to hear.  You can’t just continue on medication and it’s not helping much anyway and you are definitely not wanting to go the way of surgery.  What do you do?

In either case a RCAPS™ therapist will quickly help your situation. We make a significant change in ONE session, so if someone cannot stand up walking in, they are able to stand up fully with mild pain walking out. (we are good, but we are not miracle workers, it will take more than one session to get you where you want to go)

Soft tissue problems such as nerve impingements or vascular impingements from muscular or fascial adhesions or restrictions do not show up on diagnostic tests.  Don’t be frustrated by the lack of information, just know that there are other answers. The purpose of the surgery is to relieve your symptoms, working through the RCAPS system™ can also relieve the symptoms, without surgery.

The RCAPS System™ goes a step further in that we know that the problem just came to a head when you started to get up that day.  It has been building for a long time.  With us, all of parts of your ‘Mechanism of Injury’ are taken into consideration, so any perpetuating factors that led to your problem are addressed.  This is an important part in resolving the current problem, or else it will not stay away.

With us you can stop the current problem from becoming a chronic condition, and avoid that Still in Pain frustration. However, if you are that Still in Pain frustrated person, and this is just one more in a stream of times that your problem has flared we can fix you as well. I know that spot seems to be glowing red right now, but I promise, it can change to the point that you don’t even notice it.