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Comprehensive Decongestive Physio-Therapy

This is a multifaceted therapy.  CDP includes:  Manual Lymphatic Drainage (see treatments), compression bandaging, skin care and therapeutic exercises.

This treatment was designed to treat lymphedema.  It also has other benefits.  It can be used in the treatment of diabetic ulcers, soft tissue trauma and to treat swelling after a surgery.

A patient presented with a diabetic ulcer that had been ongoing and was resistant to healing.  She also had extensive edema in her lower leg where the ulcer was.

We treated her with comprehensive decongesting physio-therapy for about  three weeks.  Within three weeks the ulcer was almost healed, the edema was gone from her leg, and the health of the leg had improved so much that hair started to grow back.  (the only thing she was not happy with was shaving again!)

Another patient was referred to us that had been in a severe auto accident and had a large swelling on his hip.  Since the swelling had been there for nearly four months the consistency of the lymph had gone from liquid to gel and was now solidifying.  The patient was very discouraged.  With CDP we were able to break the swelling up and return it to a liquid state.  Then MLD and the correct compression bandaging helped the lymphatic system to absorb the lymph and resolved the problem.

It is important to note that the liquid is not water; it is lymph fluid that carries a lymphatic load.  It is ONLY through the lymphatic system that the load can be fully removed.  See swelling/edema.

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