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Feldenkrais Movements

(Joint and soft tissue mobilization)

Our joint  and soft tissue mobilizations are based on Feldenkrais Movements.  It is our belief that the best way to open a door is to use the handle and not a battering ram.  This is very important because way too often we see patients after their problem (shoulder, knee etc.) has been forced to the point that the problem is now worse.

With Feldenkrais the movements are small, gentle and very powerful.  The concentration is on short, slow, repeated movements of the joint directly.  This method takes into account the movement of the whole body and how restricted movement in one area is affected by the correct or incorrect movement of a joint in another area.  Even when a patient cannot lift their arm because of the pain in their shoulder, they can easily perform the Feldenkrais Movements.

The change in the pain level and range of motion are immediate.  This surprisingly quick change is common with this method.  This technique can be used on all patients regardless of age, degree of injury or general health.

An example of this technique is a patient that presented with severe shoulder and arm pain with a range of motion restricted to less than 30 degrees in abduction.  This injury was 10 months old and getting worse.  After the Feldenkrais Movements in the first session, her abduction increased to 110 degrees without pain.  This is a good start and the patient was very happy.   After therapy was completed she had no pain and her range of motion was within normal limits.

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