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DSL Edgework

This is a manual therapy that allows for release of deep muscle spasms and trigger points without pain and with the patient being in control of the depth and pace.

When a patient has severe pain and the technique is too intense or painful, the body will just work against the technique and protect the areas that it believes is going to be hurt.

In truth, the axiom ‘no pain no gain’ may be true in some cases, but not in therapy.  When the body perceives that there is imminent harm, it will go into a  protective mode and fight against the therapy which will increase the intensity of the problem.  We work with the body, not against it.

This does not mean that we do not go deep, actually we go deeper.  When you wait for each layer to release and then go to the next layer and wait for it to release, you can continue to a depth that would be impossible to reach by going directly there, or by overpowering the system.

An example is a patient that presented with severe pain in the hip and sciatic region.  They had previously had therapy that had been aggressive and inflamed the region for days.  By using DSL Edgework we were able to resolve the problem instead of aggravate the problem.  With ReCAPS System™ your pain will not be aggravated, and you will be listened to.

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