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Frozen Shoulder

The term ‘frozen shoulder’ came about because it took so long to get better, from 18 to 36 months.  So it took a long time to thaw, hence it was frozen.  See Shoulder Pain regarding calcium buildup.

The shoulder is a very unique joint.  It is a ball and socket but not a tight one like you have at your hip, but a loose one that allows you to do so many grand gestures and fine elegant movements.

This is the only joint in the body that you must move and it moves like a symphony.  If any part of the symphony is off, soon the entire piece is ruined.  And you can think of your shoulder just like that.  But you must notice when something is off.

The shoulder is the only joint in the body that can do every movement:  back, forth, up, down, all around.  We need all of these movements to go about our daily lives.  All of these movements are required for us to just comb our hair.

The problem with all this movement is that we have ways to ‘sort of’ compensate with another movement when a specific movement has a problem.  Because of this we can go along for quite a while before we notice something is wrong.  Now that we notice it and try to move it, it hurts and is restricted and we think that we will rest it and it will get better.  That may work for some things but not for the shoulder.  The shoulder will get worse.

The ReCAPS System™ addresses all of the problems that come together to cause frozen shoulder, including but not limited to: muscular contraction, fascial restrictions, nerve impingement, vascular impingement, adhesions etc.  And of most importance the problem can be resolved by the ReCAPS System™ within weeks not years.

With ReCAPS™ you will see positive results within the first therapy session.

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