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Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS)

Restless leg syndrome is a disorder that is characterized by unpleasant feelings in the legs of: creeping, crawling, pulling, itching, tingling, burning, aching or electric shocks.  These symptoms occur during rest, relaxation or sleep.

This disorder affects 5-15% of Americans.  This is found most often in people of Northern European descent.  This is most often found in women, nearly 2 to 1 compared to men…

There is no test for restless leg syndrome but there are four basic criteria for diagnosing the disorder.

  1. Symptoms that are worse at night and are absent or negligible in the morning.
  2. A strong often overwhelming need or urge to move the affected limb, often associated with numbness and tingling.
  3. Sensory symptoms that are triggered by rest, relaxation or sleep.
  4. Sensory symptoms that are relived with movement and the relief persists as long as movement continues.

These symptoms can start as soon as the body relaxes which is the most distinctive or unusual aspect of the condition.  The symptoms can be severe.

This syndrome should not be confused with the leg cramps that many people get at night.  Leg cramps cause a more severe pain but do not produce the expected unpleasant feelings of creeping, crawling etc.

There have been different causes of RLS for many of our patients.  One is the surface fascia that runs just under the skin, which causes the itching, creeping, tingling, crawling sensations.  For some, the Iliopsoas and hip flexors are the culprits, sending electric shocks down the leg, making the leg jump and twitch.  Also, how the legs and feet have been positioned during the day can affect the intensity at night.

We have been able to greatly reduce the severity of the symptoms for some, and completely resolve the issue for others.  With the ReCAPS System™, you will be able to relax, sleep and sit through a movie again.

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