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Shoulder Pain

Whether your shoulder pain is called bursitis of the shoulder, shoulder tendonitis or nerve impingement, the pain can be resolved.

There is no question that the shoulder is the most complex joint in the body; as such, it can have many different problems that could lead to the pain that you are having.  But just because it is a complex joint doesn’t mean that you have to live with this problem.  Regardless of the cause, the ReCAPS System™ can reduce and most likely eliminate the painful condition that you have.

Many times when the shoulder starts to act up, causing us pain and restricting our shoulder and arm movement, we just sort of naturally give in to it.  By this, I mean we shift our body a little and lean into it without realizing that we are compensating for the lack of normal movement.  We are basically moving away from the pain.

This works for a little while, but the pain just increases because the joint needs to move and it’s letting you know that you need to do something about this problem.  All the joints in the body need to move but the shoulder joint must move.

The reason that the shoulder joint must move is that it is the only joint in the body that can freeze.  The muscles and tendons in the shoulder need to track correctly.  When they are not tracking correctly, the strain is intense.  This causes a strong pull on the tendon attachment at the bony attachment site.  When the body notices this intense pull it registers alarm because there is concern that the tendon will pull away from the bone.

So to protect this attachment it lays down calcium (like glue) to help hold the attachment firm.  Unfortunately, the calcium buildup will continue as long as there is an intense pull.

It can get to the point that there is no longer space in the joint for normal movement because of the amount of calcium that has built up.  This is much like a heel spur developing from an excessive constant pull of the Achilles tendon.

There is no reason for it to ever get this far.  The ReCAPS System™ can resolve the pain and the movement problems in the shoulder, get it tracking right, relieve the intense pull and eliminate the pain.

Regardless of whether you are just starting to have some shoulder pain or it’s now severe, the ReCAPS System™ can resolve the problem.

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